A collaboration between
Isle of MTV + Air Malta to help YMCA
Competition Runner Up
The brief was to create a Tshirt design to help the homeless through music and art.
Life in Malta revolves a lot around homes. The main inspiration for this illustration was the traditional Maltese town house. This type of house is usually associated with an older generation however it is the location where all the family and relatives re-unite.
It is a space of history, adventure, longevity, shelter, and family. Hence the human element in my drawing shows this. Complete with dual water tanks reservoirs, an obsolete tv antenna, ample window lighting, 2-feet thick walls, and countless limestone banisters, Maltese houses are amongst one of the strongest buildings on the Maltese islands; probably able to withstand the strongest natural elements. Maltese town houses are found at the core of every village, crammed together with limited space, yet robust walls, doors and windows. It wouldn't come as a surprise if you walk by such a house and hear loud echoing music around the high roofs and through every aperture!
We need more homes like these!
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